Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday with baby and prune juice!

Hubby being out of town has been a breeze. In a weird way it is almost easier.....I just focus on taking care of the baby. Dinner for me is easy, whatever I can make, eat, and clean up in 5 minutes....yesterday this was a leftover Ahi Tuna sandwich from the Bear's Tooth grill, while driving to get Ocoee from daycare since I was stuck in downtown Fur Rondy traffic....multitasking!

I am super pumped that it is of the perks about being back at work is that weekends are so much sweeter. Tonight Ocoee has a date with some prune juice, since Mrs. Renea recommended a little to help out the below the belt stuff.

And I figured I would be a good role model and have a nice glass of wine....looks the same as prune juice to her! We might also try some solids since I was able to get some Oatmeal cereal over lunch. I am hoping she likes it better than the rice cereal because not much of that ended up in her mouth.

But that might just be because one of her favorite things to do is stick her tongue out. She loves to suck her thumb also. So much that I have to pull the thumb out and stick her bottle in....over and over. Her cough is still a bit hacky sounding but her spirits are still high. I am busting out of here right at 3 to go grab her and start our mommy/daughter date night.



  1. Nothing is cuter than a baby in a bucket;). Your evening sounds fab - have fun!

  2. LOL, I totally agree with having a glass of wine for the sake of being a good role model. That. is. awesome. :)