Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Pink/Red Day!

Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in love. I'd stepped in it a few times. -Rita Rudner

So it is that Hallmark created holiday, known as Valentines Day. Don't get me wrong. I am no cynic and actually love all holidays. Gifts and a chance to stop the chaos of life to celebrate, are all good things to me.

Hubby knows a way to a girls heart.....good quality smart wool socks! I love these socks and they are spendy. But they are all I wear. And since our dog Guiness has a fetish for grabbing my socks and taking them outside, which is now buried under the most snow in Anchorage history....I could use the new socks. So I was very please to see a sweet letter and several pair of new socks waiting for me this morning.

There is also this bug who makes every morning special. Happy first Valentines' Day!

A bit of romance, this is in our town square with a lot of other cool ice sculptures. I sure hope she said yes.

Cards from Mike's mom for us and for Ocoee....always nice to get a card in the mail! Thanks :)

For Hubby I made him a "words with lovers" card where he has to unscramble the message...we will see if he figures it out. I thought it was a brilliant idea since we play words with friends all the time. I also got him some monogrammed beer glasses for his homebrew....if you brew your own the least you deserve is your initial on your glass.

Tonight we will do a nice meal of ahi tun, parmesan scalloped potatoes, roasted broccoli and a bottle of red vino at home...just a nice night to spend with someone you love.

Hope your day is filled with pink, red and love :)


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