Friday, February 10, 2012

Shopping and Deals

So I am going to admit it....I love me some retail therapy. But after working at Von Maur in Omaha, while working on my teaching degree I learned that you have to get a deal. And I love me some deals too.

I used to shop for myself, the house and hubby. When baby came on board last January I had a whole new shopping need. I held off for a long time since I had a shower coming up and so many people were kind enough to give or lend us things....but this baby is outgrowing things left and right. Just today I put her in a 12-18 month onesie that she might get to wear for another few weeks.

She is growing like a weed and her diapers being cloth also make things fit a bit snugger that usual.

Shopping for Ocoee is so much better than shopping for me. First small clothes are so cute. Second I still want to shape up a bit before I invest in to many new clothes. Also with all of my old cloth fitting now after months of pregnancy I feel as if I have a whole new wardrobe anyways. One mommy concession I have been trying to make is to buy more mom friendly clothes. A lot of my clothes tend to be dressy and non-spit up friendly materials like silk, cashmere and linen. I am now looking for cute cottons!

Shopping for her I have the same philosophy as shopping for myself. I am very tactile and want fabrics that feel nice against the skin. We often buy organic for her sensitive skin and because we believe in voting with our dollars, and organic is a much better way of producing textiles for our enviroment. In 4 short months I have found some brands that I love and others that are not worth the money. Below is a few of my favorites.

I love Hannah Andersson. The clothes are always soft, fun and with a great fit. The quality is obvious. They can be a bit spendy but our Costco has been carrying the line for a few months now. We have several versions of the organic zip up PJ's and just last night scored some super fun dresses. Not sure when she will wear these but at $14-$17 a pop, I stocked up! The Hannah Andersson sizing chart is also cool and innovative as you go buy the length and weight of the baby instead of the notoriously wrong months sizing.

I am also a huge fan of Small Plum. My friend Martina gave us one of their onesies right after Ocoee was born. It was pink, soft, made of bamboo and said on the front, "Produced Locally" which is right up our alley. Ocoee has lived in this onesie.

She is starting to outgrow it so I ordered a bunch of new ones when I saw Zulilly was having a sale. I love Zulilly. It takes forever for the orders to get to me, but it works out as a nice surprise. I can barely remember ordering them and then one day a package pops up and we have new much fun.

Below is a picture of a Nosilla organic outfit we got of Zulilly. I was so impressed with the convertible feet. They can become footie cool is that and why aren't all pants made this way. Plus the cute butterfly pattern and extra seam in the pants works so well for cloth diapers.

Here is a recent package from Zulilly that arrived to our delight. The softness of the Plum clothes is addicting. I always find myself grabbing these clothes before all others because of the fit and feel. Now she has more to choose from...cause a girl needs choices!

So there is my slightly materialistic post about adorable, cute and quality kids clothes. We also shop at the used kids store because when kids grow so quickly, the used market is excellent! I do believe that a few well chosen quality pieces make a better wardrobe that a lot of pieces that you avoid because of fit or other poorly built design flaws.

Happy Friday. We are off to a play tonight after bug goes to bed, to see Blue Bear, based on a book of the same name that hubby read. He recommends it if your into outdoorsy, Alaskan type books.


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  1. I'm so glad you posted about your fave brands, and especially Zulilly! I never would've had a clue about them, and the deals are fab. Especially recently, I'm like you with fabrics...I'd rather have a few quality things, versus lots of cheapo stuff. And, the softer, the better! Ocoee always looks so comfy:).