Thursday, February 9, 2012

My not so crafty craft-tutorial

Let me clear the air and explain I am so not crafty...unless it is in a Beastie Boys, "She's Crafty" song kind of way. Beautiful items do not spin off my sewing machine, handmade is something I buy off Etsy. If you want to buy a banner and not do this at all click here to check out ones I love on Etsy.

Inspired by my new momma-hood, I am trying though. I have started a scrap book, which looks pretty scrappy but it is a start right?

So with the help of my truly crafty friend, Martina, I purchased some great fabric that coordinated with the homemade quilt she made Ocoee.

The plan was to cut the fabric into pendant shapes and sew to some cute ribbon to create a fabric banner. Well sewing involves threading a bobbin and other crafty things beyond me so I decided to whip out the glue gun. Below I will show you the steps. Beware this is no where near as detailed as Martina's guest blog on the towel tutorial but you guys are smart and will figure it out :)

All the items you need are here: Fabric was pre-washed to prevent fraying, and I cut with pinking sheers (the weird ones with teeth) to keep from having to sew the edges. The pinking sheers prevent fraying and give a little decorative edge. Ribbon was small but different sizes can be used..a little bit bigger would have been nice because you would have an easier time glueing. A hot glue gun and a magazine to lay the fabric on while glueing.

My Pendant shapes were not all exactly the same size but I think that gives it a more homemade least that is what I tell myself.

Lay the ribbon with the back side facing you on the back side of the fabric as shown below. This way the pretty side of the fabric and ribbon will show and the glue and messy bit will be in the back hidden. Place little drops of glue along back pressing ribbon into fabric as you work your way across the top.

When your done string along the wall of your choice. I put up in the nursery, this can also be used for a party and letters can be added to spell out Happy Birthday or another sweet phrase. I would cheat and buy big sticker letters but you truly crafty people could cut them out of fabric. Maybe you could glue gun for a no sew craft.

I think it turned out really well and cost less than $15 for the whole project. I have extra fabric left over that I hope to make baby scarf bibs out of like these here.


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