Monday, February 13, 2012

First solids

All our solid baby food gear: A waterproof bib, cute plate and spoons (BPA free of course), packages of plum organics and Ella's Kitchen food...for later when we travel. Plum even has a cool spoon that attaches to the package for instant feeding.

The cereal ended up outside the mouth more than inside.

We used her bumbo chair with tray for the first feeding while we wait on her high chair to be delivered.

If you notice a fuzzy black head it is because Guiness was very interested in Ocoee's first food. She really wanted to be helpful and get any that didn't make it into Ocoee's mouth...which was a lot!

On Saturday Ocoee tried her first solid foods. Well it was more a water, paste but it wasn't in a bottle so that counts.

Hubby is a brilliant investigator and only wants the best for baby of course. When we had to go to formula he spent many hours reading about all sorts of things I would not have thought about and finally picked Baby's Only Organic. We order it in bulk from Vitacost and it has been really great for baby. She is growing well and seems to love the stuff. There are many reviews on the page you can read. Basically it has all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff, and is produced under strict recalls!

When our doctor suggest solids, of course hubby was ready to dig in and find the best options. Homemade is what we realized would be best. We read a lot and decided to make homemade sweet potatoes for her first food. I had recently purchased a Quisinart food processor and also have the green sprouts storage containers to freeze the extras.

I actually like to cook and in the summer I spend lots of time canning our homemade raspberry jam from our zillion raspberry bushes and of course, smoking, canning and vaccum sealing salmon. So making baby food should be easy.

If you want more info about storing, cooking and serving baby food, check out wholesome baby food here.

Then we talked to our wise sage, day care provider who suggested starting with a little cereal. After talking it over we decided this was a good option...since the first few weeks seem to be play and practice at eating more than anything. Hubby decided Plum Organics rice cereal in wholegrain was the way to go. Our all time favorite store bought is Ella's kitchen. It is hands down the closest to homemade and we will be using it when traveling. It is spendy...but the good stuff always seems to be. The best news is that all this can be found at Target....woohoo, that makes life so much easier.

To make a long story short, we whipped up the cereal, grabbed the camera and started spooning it in.

Lots of laughing and making a mess happen. She seemed to get a few good chews/slurps in. She liked all the attention eating solids gave her.

Ocoee has really been watching us eat and been enthralled as we do it so I expected her to really like the solids. She tried again on Sunday and she seems to like pushing the food out of her mouth with her tongue more than eating it really. Like all things she does, we loved it and were delighted...yes I know we are googly eyed new parents, but really she is adorable.

This new phase seems so sudden to me...but they all have. I am excited she is learning a new skill but to be honest I am just thinking it all goes so fast. Our little bug is fast approaching 5 months and I can't help but wish time would slow down.

Grandma was so sweet and sent Ocoee a Valentines Day card and a check that we are going to use to get her a high chair. After many months investigating I decided on the Keekaroo high chair. I like that is is wood, gets excellent reviews and can grow with baby. I went back and forth between it and the Stokke. They both look cool and will fit in our house better than the plastic ones that can be not so cool looking and also bigger...with a small house we really had to look at size.

We also ordered some Oxo tot feeding spoons and bowls. The ones we had were a gift and still a little big for her little mouth.

Now we plan to keep practicing this eating thing and watching our baby grow and change. The dogs are super excited for this new it means more food on the floor and a sticky yummy tasting baby to lick!


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