Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last day in Seattle-I hate keys

Yep, I have gone and done it again. So far my adventures with keys has led me to lock Ocoee in the car running with me outside it at the post offices, lock Ocoee and I outside the car while it was running at daycare and now I have left Seattle and left my keys tucked neatly away in the bag I brought....still in Seattle.

The plan was for hubby to come home on Monday night and me to come home on Sunday, landing just in time for my friends annual super bowl party. Hubby was kind enough to bring my bag back with him on Monday so I would just have the baby, stoller and diaper bag to deal with.

It all went so perfectly until the moment while waiting to board that I realized I had left my house keys and car keys at the hotel, in my bag that hubby was escorting back.

I mean damn!

How could I do this again. I quickly texted my dogsitter to leave the house key we left her outside for me. Thank god she had not left yet since she usually leaves it in the house for us. We would have been locked out of the house...oh jeez.

Instead of driving home from the airport the Subaru will stay another night waiting for hubby. Ocoee and I took a cab home instead. So this meant no car to drive, which means no super bowl party. Also no means to get to work on Monday. I mean I could cab it but....daycare and work and work to daycare and home again...makes me dizzy just thinking about it. So I will take a sick day and Ocoee and I will work on a plan to keep up with my keys.

See the thing is I think I have a disorder where I can only keep up with one thing at a time. Since the baby was born she is that thing. So the keys are just screwed.

So that is my epic failure....but it resulted in a quiet evening at home with bug and all day together not totally epic.

We take a photo of Ocoee every sunday. My iphone has an alarm all set. This time it went off in the hotel lobby just before we headed to the airport. These are the sort of expressions she makes all the time...too funny.

Ocoee yawning on the light rail as we headed to the airport. It was her first public transit trip.

These pictures below are just to show my love for family bathrooms, changing stations and whoever invented the diaper machine...lovely idea. Anchorage airport even has a nursing room in the ladies bathroom. I am just so pleased to live in a time when things are a little bit nicer for us with kiddos out there. I have changed some diapers in a growing list of insane places so I get giddy when I see this damn koala sign!



  1. Oh man...that sucks. At least you were able to make it home. She is so cute! Love that first picture of her!

  2. Yes we all made it safely home...think it was fate telling me to take another day to be with bug bear!