Tuesday, February 21, 2012

get your stroll on-stroller review

Ocoee during her swim lesson with daddy. She floated, back kicked, swam under water and did a little doggie paddle!

It was a fabulous 4 day weekend. I truly have an amazing baby. She is tough, sweet and has a great spirit. She has had a cold all weekend, plus was teething and still she was a joy to be around.

We did another swim class on Monday. She swam so well and hubby was there to see her in action. When it was time to practice under water skills he was nervous at sending her under but even the instructor was impressed at how well she does. No fear at all and she just has a blast. Here is a little video...excuse my cutesy voice in the video....I am working on not sounding like a moron on the home videos...baby talk is hard to break.

Also we received our Maclaren Stroller. It is so light, super cool looking and I am excited to use it. I might do a 5k this weekend at Fur Rondy....Alaska's winter festival, with the new stroller. The one thing I have had a hard time with is the snap for the harness. It is a nice 5 point harness but SO freaking hard to push and open.

I know they want to make these so kids can't open them but seriously my 6'3, 210 hubby had a hard time getting it open. We are hoping that it gets easier with use. Look for an update when we use it more. So far the way it opens, folds and stores is nothing short of brilliant! It will be great for our trips to Napa, Kodiak, and Tennessee.

Ocoee looking very stylish in her new Tea Collection outfit. Wish they made mommy clothes.

The Maclaren stroller...she is almost ready to leave the infant seat behind...I am just not quite ready to give it up...having a moving bed works so well!

Speaking of trips, Hubby leaves for an ice-fishing trip to North Dakota tomorrow. God only know why someone would willingly visit North Dakota in Feb. much less leave Alaska that is filled with ice covered lakes to go to ND to fish... but that is what he is doing. It is an annual trip with old buddies so I am happy he has a cool tradition.

But that leaves me on my own...with a baby... 4 1/2 months old, who has a cold, for 5 whole days! OH, jeez. Let's just say I am going to be extra careful with my keys this week!!

Check out Ocoee's latest photo shoot here...she even manages to look cute with snot dripping from her nose!


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