Friday, February 17, 2012

names and things

Ocoee and Ellis during out first board meeting...very important members of the team!

My friend Martina and I got a good start on our business we hope to plan. We are both newbie moms who love creating and sharing the best baby products. Ocoee had a bout of teething and fussiness before we arrived but was in good spirits during the meeting at Jitter's in Eagle River, Alaska.

Baby Ellis slept most of the time we were there...he is growing and changing so much. I joked that if this was the first date it wasn't going to well...Ocoee spent the whole time playing with her rattle and he slept soundly beside her....actually maybe that is a good date!

We are in phase one, coming up with a great name. We want something Alaskan, baby and catchy...if you have ideas let us know!

We went next door to the Frame and Gift shop to look for inspirtation. Lots and lots of cute things. Picked up a few more Lifefactory bottles in the large size because baby bug doesn't really even mess around with the 5 ounces bottle anymore.

Also picked up some great deals at Spoiled boutique in Anchorage.....I am obsessed with this brand...Tea Collection...super soft, colors beyond just the typical pink, and globally inspired design. Ocoee basically got a new wardrobe.


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