Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 2- Seattle

We started the day with some crabby-inspired room service...YUM. Hubby made a comment about how we could all get used to room service very easily.

Then hubby was off to meetings and Ocoee and I headed out the door. We probably walked 12 miles today. Pushing a stroller, with a 15 pound baby, and a few bottle of wine, mineral water and other snacks I picked up at Trader Joe's. Plus it was 59 degrees today...that is warm anytime of the year in Alaska so I was sweating! I needed the exercise and if you have been to the downtown Seattle area you know about the hills.....oh my.

We worked breakfast off that was for sure. We had time to do a little thrift shopping and then meet hubby for lunch. After lunch we visited the SAM (Seattle Art Museum). This was a blast. It was pretty empty so I took Ocoee around and posed her under works of art. This is how I get my kicks I guess. Those I will add to the Oh, the places you will go page when we get home since I forgot my camera cord. Stuck with only iphone photos for now.

I noticed quite a few things when walking around Seattle that we just don't have in Anchorage. Punks and hipsters for example. I did stalk one really punk guy (black from head to toe including an awesome spiked black mohawk).....but never could get a good shot of him...he was faster than me on the hills!

Here is the list I thought of during my wanderings:

Coffee shops and wine bars on every corner
Important looking people busy looking important
People who carry their dogs in expensive bags
Venues with really cool bands on the marquee
Sunshine (well not right now anyway)
Big city noises

I love living in Alaska but I also love to travel. Getting out reminds me what I enjoy about Alaska but also gives me a chance to relish the difference that the lower 48 has to offer. With all the great seafood, sunshine and nice view Seattle is a great long weekend trip.

I now have a sleeping and a few bottle of wine. It is just going to be a quiet night in the room for hubby and I. We will get some take out, rent a movie and drink wine. Happy Friday!

Love signs like these!

This was my favorite one from the day

Very cute thrift store, right next to a great record store...very trendy.

So I have a lot of mommy brain moment where I blame hormones on my lack of intelligence...which is so 85% true. One was as we walked to the car to leave Anchorage, hubby asked, where's the stroller. Saved us big time remembering that at the last moment. But I didn't think to bring a sunshade. I mean it isn't sunny in Alaska right now and when it is, we aren't really outside in the stroller. So in a stroke of mommy brilliance I turned my black scarf into a sunshade. We is good because Ocoee has this weird seizure like thing she does when the sun hits her. Victory team Mom!

Had lunch at Harried and Hungry which is what hubby was at the time.

Love this piece at the SAM. Toilet with poop shaped letters that spell ART....funny.

Little bug in her peapod. We draped a little blanket over it and now she has her own "room". She slept through pretty much everything today, but when she was awake, I was there with her...which is my favorite part of any day.

Tomorrow we attempt a ferry ride and a visit to a Island.



  1. I think I have been to R Place. I'll have to ask Parker. Sounds like you guys are having fun!

  2. Yea I was wondering where he worked now days...I was thinking of popping in on him.