Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The image is a little blurry but the moment was so sweet I am posting anyway. She really enjoys her time to cuddle in the parents bed in the mornings and always turns towards the iphone for a chance to mug for the camera.

After hubby took me to the doctor we are now on Steroids....I am eager for the 'roid rages the doctor said could

Honestly I feel out of it. Most of you know I never take drugs...even aspirin really. Clean living and all that. So after getting a steroid shot, taking Benadryl, Zyrec, and another steroid in pill body is just out of wack. But I am not swollen like a monster anymore and just got a call from the doctor and I don't have Leukemia...yep they tested for that...scary!

The Doc basically has no clue and neither do I. I can't figure it out and that is what worries me. Nothing new as far as cleaning products, food or drink. But I am taking this seriously now and will be keeping my eyes open.

I now have to keep Benadryl and an Epi pen with me at all times. I am seeing the specialist for all those super fun test in a few weeks.

I crashed at like 7 last night and slept until 6:30 this morning. I sweated like crazy all night..ick!

In baby news, Ocoee loves her new daycare. Because of all this we didn't get there until 5:30 but she was so happy. I had called to check in and Ms. Renea said she was eating like a champion. When I arrived she was just mixing her a new bottle so I settled in and fed her. I could tell how relaxed she was and her interactions with Ms. Renea were so positive.

She was also a sweetheart and slept through the night and went down really easily. This morning she had of course peed all over everything and needed a bath. But she knows mommy comes and get her every morning and was awake and smiling waiting for me. Love that bug!


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