Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fur Rondy Fun and Grace

Me dressed as a frost fairy and Ocoee trying out her new stroller in the 5k.

Ocoee was simply wiped after such an exciting day.

Today was the kick off of Alaska's version of Mardi Gras...Fur Rondy. Fur Rondy was the traditional time when the fur trappers would bring their pelts to Anchorage, sell, take the money and celebrate. If you have been to Alaska or live her try to imagine Alaska 100 years ago when this was a big deal. People lived in the WILD and fur pelts were a huge part of their livelihood. Though I don't eat meat...only fish...and don't dig trapping animals..I love Fur Rondy.

So at 9:30 this morning Ocoee, my buddy Nancy and I hit 6th avenue in full costume to walk/run/push a stroller for a 5k. I was dressed as a frost fair, thanks to my dear friend Shelly who just happened to have a pink set of wings and a black glittery tutu on hand for me to borrow.

Nancy had a late night at the theater watching Shanghai circus and donned some adorable mouse ears. Ocoee had her handmade tutu that was a gift when she was born. It was cute, cotton and perfect for the event.

A middle aged, heavier man complimented my tutu and I returned the remark......he added that his did not quite fit around his bum. That is the type of event it was. Check out photos here. There are so many fun events in the next few weeks of fur rondy. Last year was dud for me as I was pregnant and exhausted at the time. But in previous years I have participated in the Running of the Reindeer (like the bulls in Spain but with Reindeer) and the outhouse races...we actually won this for best design...Don't Duga on my Beluga :)

Below are pictures from that event...

The theme don't dooga on my beluga, came from the fear that the water waste system was causing issues for our precious beluga whales that grace our cook inlet.

Team Beluga 2010

After the race we headed to Snow City for some champagne and brunch. Delicious! Snow city twice in one week is a treat. Then we went to the house to regroup. Ocoee and I joined Martina and Ellis for some fabric shopping and sushi. All in all it was a perfect Saturday. From beautiful sunrise to sunset.

Ocoee is still fighting a cold and her appetite isn't at 100 percent. She enjoyed today but had a few moments in her new stroller where she was tired and missed her comfy infant I don't think we are quite ready to make the switch to big girl stroller full time. My friend Nancy made my day when she said I was a good mom who handled it all with grace...if she means holding a sleeping baby in one hand, while perched on a stool eating huevos rancheros while drinking champagne in the other...maybe she is right :) I know these amazing friendships, perfect days like today and my beautiful daughter are the true grace in my life.

For anyone not in Alaska I will let you in on a secret. This time of year is the most beautiful times, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The snow still tops the peaks, the daylight grows longer and longer stretching towards the Equinox, and the sky paints itself in many beautiful shades. Winter is behind us and warmth is melting the thick snow blanket. Our spirits lift and make us a little crazy...fur rondy is the perfect answer to cabin fever.


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