Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Blog-Pink and Purple birthday that warms the heart!

Today's post in from my mommy friend Tahya. She is a military wife and writes her own blog here. She is a prolific writer and her smiles of the day area always warms my heart.

Tahya and I are friends from my Omaha days and she is someone I constantly turn to for mommy advice....because she keeps it real, which as a rookie mom I apprecitate. She has two little ones: Kenley age 3 and Kelton age 1.

Here she talks about Kenley's birthday party:

We wanted to do something really special for Kenley's 3rd birthday for 2 reasons. Number 1: last year we celebrated her 2nd birthday driving from San Antonio, TX to Pensacola, FL. For those of you that don't know, that is about a 12 hour drive and we had a two year old and a 3 month old. Luckily, the kids did awesome. There wasn't any meltdowns until we were 40 miles from home.

Reason number 2: Kenley's father was deploying a few weeks before her birthday. So we wanted to make sure that we had a party before he left. My friend Renee and I decided to do a joint party. Her little girl will be turning 1 in March, and her father is also deployed.

Since both of the kids are girls, we decided to do a sweet shop theme with all of the food and candy being different shades of pinks and purples. We also incorporated a heart theme to go along with it since we were able to find such cute heart spoons and bowls. My friend Renee made the cupcakes. Some were just plain Vanilla and others were a Raspberry Vanilla flavor. Each guest left with 2 cupcakes and a bucket full of candy.

Overall, it was a great way to celebrate Kenley and Ellyssa's birthdays and a great send off to some very special dads.

Kenley looking adorable with her posh pink and purple decorations behind her. The table was the candy bar for the kiddos. Does this count as kiddy happy hour?

Pink lanterns adorned the ceiling for an extra pop of pink.

Who can pass up heart shaped serving items...after Valentine's day is a good time to stock up on all things pink, purple and heart shaped if your considering a similar theme....maybe even for a baby shower?

Goodie bags for guest to take home.

Tahya and Janelle