Thursday, February 16, 2012

Working at home versus at work

Going back to work after 3 months at home with Ocoee was hard! I will always treasure those precious 3 months and wish I would have taken more. If I would have known......the feelings and emotions I would have for sure taken more.

But the plan was to go back to work and I am back. I purposely took a year off from the classroom working in a school as a project coordinator instead...and that has been a blessing. No grading, stress or lesson plans. Next year I don't know where I will end up but I have been toying with the idea of staying home for a year.

It is a difficult decision. I love teaching, we have a great schedule and I have a lot of education wrapped up in my career...still paying the student loans! But I miss Ocoee like crazy. It is hard emotionally to not be with her. I feel as if everyone is getting shafted by me because I feel spread so thin. My house isn't clean enough, my dogs don't get enough attention, I don't take me time for the gym and yoga like I should, baby is at daycare 6-8 hours a day, my hubby barely sees me. And I am running around like a chicken with their head cut least I feel that way some days. I really loved staying at home and NEVER thought I would.

So we will see how the cookie crumbles. I am meeting with my friend Martina to see if we can figure out a business that will allow us to make some money for the family but also be at home with our kids...Fingers crossed. Here is a cool infograph about the real PAY a stay a home mom should get.

We have a 4 day weekend coming up...WOOOHOO!


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