Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 3- Seattle.

Today was absolutely brilliant. We spent the day at Bainbury island in the sun and warm weather. Seriously flowers were blooming!

The ferry ride over was perfect. Only cost $7 for adults and the views of the mountains and the city skyline was incredible. It was also Ocoee's first boat ride. She just napped mostly. The warm sun just made her to sleepy to resist a nap.

After scuttling off the ferry we checked out the cute shops in the main town of Winslow. I am absolutely in love with this island. I love to check out real estate when I visit a place and you can get a lot more charm and house here than you can in anchorage.

The whole city was clean and lush. There was even solar run recycle compactors. How cool is that. Cute shops and great restaurant were on every corner. We spent some time in the harbor wishing we had a boat and then walked around the towns many hiking trails. Seriously they had signs with people and backpacks and walking sticks. But these were not he hiking trails we were used to- they were all paved. Still worked up a good appetite.

Then we attempted to get lunch at the harbor house pub but we couldn't because they don't allow anyone under 21, not even a 4 month old. Some weird state law where there is no division between the bar and tables. Crazy.

We ended up a little further down the marina at docs harbor grill which was a great choice. They have a nice sunny sheltered deck. We grubbed on some fish and chips and a few brews.

Stayed on the island until 4 and now we are back at the hotel for the night. Baby is in bed and we are about to pop the cork of a bottle of Pinot noir and relax. Put some good miles on my feet today!

Tomorrow we head home. Heard they got a fresh foot of snow. Sad to leave all this warm weather behind.


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