Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Ash Wednesday

Today, ironically enough, is Ash Wednesday and National Margarita day! I am so confused...I don't know whether to indulge or abstain.

As a non-practicing Catholic, I am actually going to give up sugar. I never have been a big sugar eater. I was raised in a house where we didn't get sugary foods and my hubby doesn't like sweets at all.

But lately I have been eating all the sugar I can get my hands on. Cookies, cake, name it I have indulged and overindulged. I was doing really well with the baby weight and working out...then I went back to work. After school I have been teaching a class, so I basically bolt out the door and run to get bug before she crashes for the day. Once I am home and she is asleep, hubby is around so I could head to the gym then...but my motivation has left me.

With all the sugar and no motivation I am stuck at the last 10 pounds I want to lose. So giving up sugar for me is also a step towards getting my healthy, working out mojo back. This is the last week of my class so that won't be an excuse any longer, and I have Palm Springs in two week....the threat of a swim suit usually gets my booty beelining towards the gym.

Ocoee on the other hand gets plenty of exercise. She owns the bouncy thing at home and daycare. She loves to boink-a-boing! She has a spot at the door at daycare and just bounces away all day watching people go by.

I think it is interesting how you, my darling bug, are a mix of both me and your dad. You chat up a storm and have so much to say...much like your momma, but when in public you are much quieter and reserved, like your dad. You have been active since week 12 in the belly so I am not surprised you love bouncing and swimming so much. I think that is something you get from both of us.

After the doctor yesterday you are now just shy of 17 pounds, your eyes are a brilliant blue, like your Uncle Dale's. Your hair is getting longer and lighter every day. You are squirmy wormy during changes and when being are more interested in seeing what is around you than looking at your folks anymore.


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